Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light Reviews

Whether you grow plants indoors or at the greenhouse as a hobby or for commercial purpose, you will appreciate the importance of light – right spectrum at every stage of the plant. It is even much amazing when you have a device that encompasses every stage of the plant especially the flowering and the vegetative stages. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12 band LED Grow Light-DUAL VEG-FLOWER SPECTRUM gives you exactly this. It is a product that you will endeavor not to miss. In this article, I have explored the reasons why you should buy one for your indoor gardening or the green house as well as the shortcomings.

Why Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w?
Area Coverage and Reflection.
This device covers an area of about 4.6 feet by 3.7 feet which is quite noteworthy if you ask me. This gives you freedom to play around with your plants as the space is remarkably adequate.
The model comes with a primary 60 degrees and a secondary 90 degrees lenses which together combined ensures that the light coverage area is large enough. The amazing thing about this device is that, despite the large coverage, the intensity of the light is never compromised. You can be sure that your plants whether near or far are well taken care of.
Power Efficiency.
Power efficiency is well understood when your electricity bills rise with a very small margin when such a device as Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w is introduced to your list of expenses. This model is highly efficient as it produces two to three times light intensity compared to the normal HPS grow light.
Dual functionality.
The product is manufactured in a way that it provides you with dual functionality covering both vegetative and flowering stages. It doesn’t get better than this.
Dual switch system.
Due to its dual functionality, the product is made with two switches which gives you control of the light spectrum. A click on the switch can shift the spectrum from the flowering to the vegetative and vice versa. This comes in handy especially where space is limited as it eliminates the aspect of rotating the plants in the different stages of growth which happens to be under the same best led grow lights.
One of the most ignored but very essential feature that customer tend to forget is Warranty. It gives you security and the peace of mind that if the product fails, you have somewhere to run to. This model comes with a 5 year warranty on every part. It also have a 90 day satisfaction return guarantee should you not be satisfied with it at the early stages.
11-band light spectrum.
This product is manufactured with an 11 band spectrum with 3W LED lamps which illuminates from the ultraviolet on one hand to the infrared. The 3W LED lamps ensures that there is constancy of intensity of light produced. In addition, the products’ wavelengths are designed to enhance photosynthesis hence all the light produced is fully utilized.
As with every product, there will never lack a shortcoming. This device is no exception.
*        Difficulty in light moderation. This means that the fixture is attached slightly higher that required for plants in their early stages.
*        The time for the spectrum to shift may lag due to the excessive usage of the switches.

Bottom Line.

This is an ideal product for those practicing indoor gardening and also greenhouse commercial farming as the advantages outweighs the cons. However, you should always conduct a research before acquiring a product to see which suits you best.

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier Reviews

You will agree with me that your health is an asset worth investing in. During the winter seasons, the tropical regions are usually very humid. Humid air especially in the living rooms and the basements and the crawl spaces provides a conducive environment for the development of molds and mildew which are a health hazard.  The moist air also creates a conducive environment for bacteria advancement which are a source of respiratory problems. The Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint come to your rescue as it has a dual function: Dehumidification as well as bacteria elimination. This is the reason why each family should have this model.

Other reasons include:
Power and Efficiency.
This model brings optimal performance to your basement, crawl space as well as the living rooms. Its efficiency is enhanced by the fact that it can condense up to 50 pints of moisture per day. This makes the device ideal for average rooms, basements and crawl spaces. In addition, when the right humidity level is attained, the compressor is forced to shut down as the fan continues running. This ensures that your electricity bill is kept at minimum translating to money saving.
Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint also comes with an auto-restart system in case the power goes out. In addition, the model is fitted with an auto shut system which is key when the reservoirs is full. 

Ease of operation.
Like any other humidifiers, this device is fitted with electronic control system which simplifies the mode of operation. The programmable buttons makes it much easier to operate as you can set the level of humidity that you prefer.
The ease of movement of any machine from place to place is a very essential feature. Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint is made with a top handle as well as side handles. It is also fitted with a castor system with wheels beneath. In addition, the device is relatively light weighing approximately 37 pounds.
This machine like most other humidifiers is also fitted with LED indicator which gives you the control over the model as it allows you to set the time, temperature humidity level as well as the settings to which the device is operating in.
Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint is fitted with two reservoirs helping you get rid of condensed moisture manually. For continuous drainage of water, the device has the option of fitting a hose which operates on gravity.
The device is made in a way that it can operate even when the temperatures reach 4.4 degrees Celsius.
Antibacterial Mesh Filter
This is the function that gives it an upper hand with other modern Humidifiers. Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint not only does it get rid of the moisture in the air but also gets rid of the bacteria particles in the air which are associated with respiratory issues. The molds and the mildew that thrive well in humid conditions are discouraged by the presence of this device in your living rooms or the basement. The mesh filters are usually removable and gives you the freedom to clean and sanitize them any time.
 The disadvantage with this device is that the noise produced is quite high and this can be nuisance to many.

DeLonghi DD45E Energy Star Dehumidifier, 45-Pint Reviews

If you are tired of a moisty room during the winter seasons, then look no further. DeLonghi DD45E Energy Star 45-Pint has come to your rescue. Humid air provides the perfect environment for molds and mildew to develop. This fungus produces particles that are a threat to your health. The bacteria is associated with respiratory problems. If your bed and the sofa feels wet during this humid seasons then you have a reason to consider this model. Your comfort and health is worth investing in. In this article, I shall explore the reasons why you should invest in one of this device as well as look at the cons.

Why DeLonghi DD45E Energy Star 45-Pint?
This model is manufactured mainly to serve small and medium spaces. For this reason the devices’ performance is just but great. The device is capable of drying moisture of up to 21.3 Liters per day.
The performance is further enhanced by the drainage system especially if you are able to connect a hose which ensures continuous drainage. Otherwise, the machine has a reservoir with a capacity to hold up to 7 liters. This will mean that you will keep checking it every now and then. It has an auto shut down system which turns off the device when the tank is to capacity.
We all want something that is attractive and decorative. This device not only performs its duty well but also adds a spice to your room or office. The plastic cover and the LCD interface makes you proud to have it. It is also easy to clean thus no worries of dirt.
Size and Weight
In comparison with other dehumidifiers, this device is rather small and light. This gives you full control of where you would like to place it. It weighs about 37.9 pounds and has a dimension of 15.3x12.4x24.3 inches. Movement is further enhanced by the caster system with wheels underneath.
DeLonghi DD45E Energy Star 45-Pint comes with an adjustable humidistat system which gives you full control of the humidity in your place of work or room. It is also fitted with a 24 hour timer that enables you to set time for which you want the device to run.
In addition, the model has removable filters. This means that you can clean them and disinfect the filters comfortably when you want to.
The machine is power efficient hence you should not worry of the electricity bills.
Summary of Pros and Cons.
*        Less weighty: 37.9 pounds.
*        Great performance.
*        Great appearance.
*        Small in Size: 15.3x 12.4x 24.3 inches.
*        Auto shut down system.
*        Power Efficiency.
*        LCD display with six buttons. (Fan, power, humidistat adjust, timer, up and down buttons).
*        Though the manufacture says it can be used in basements, this device works well in small and medium places. Thus it is limited in coverage.
Bottom line.

DeLonghi DD45E Energy Star 45-Pint is a model you cannot afford to miss during the winter season/humid seasons. Nevertheless, I advise that before purchasing this model, do a good market research of other dehumidifiers in the industry.